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10/04/1469 Monarchy Candidate - Destrian

The KAP endeavored to interview each of the candidates for the English Monarch elections, each of the candidates has replied so far, and their answers will be published in separate articles.

The same questions were asked to all candidates who we had access to. All candidates were approached at the same time. They chose which questions to answer. Interviews will be published in order of when the candidates responded. Answers will be published as written by the candidates provided they do not violate the guidelines of the KAP Charter.

I now bring you an interview with Candidate for the throne, Lord Destrian Blackwell.

Q: Tell us about your family history?
A: The Blackwell family has long since resided within the borders of England. Our bloodline can be traced back to the tribes of old which succeeded in repelling Gaius Julius Caesar. Ever since the Blackwell legacy has been forged upon the anvils of leadership and justice.

Q: Do you have a specific claim to the throne?
A: The throne belongs solely to the people of England, only by their leave may an individual have the honour to sit upon it. Therefore I do not believe any individual has a claim to the throne prior to the elections.

Q: Is there a previous monarch that you identify with in particular?
A: Queen Shellara stood resilient in a time of rebellion and internal strife. While wyldfire spread through the Realm she fought to preserve its unity and ultimately sacrificed her life in doing so. I can only aspire to live up to the standard she set for all of us.

Q: Do you intend to tour everywhere? Or how else will you decide how to split your time in England?
A: I intend to travel to each of the Counties and give each of its residents the opportunity to approach the Crown with their requests. I wish to act as a catalyst for renewed unity, showing that all Counties are entitled to an equal division of the Monarch’s time.

Q: What is your approach to conflict and can you give an example of conflict resolution?
A: Establishing common ground is the core to resolving any conflict. It serves as a bridge upon which both sides of an argument can come together in an effort to remedy a situation. The most notable example of conflict resolution would be evidently long standing policy differences between Baroness Marjaery and I. In the past our differing perspectives would often clash. However through active listening and finding areas where we agree rather than disagree we’ve been able to resolve any issues. In fact we’ve come to discover we work rather well together and will put our combined effort into serving England.

Q: What kind of leadership experience do you have?
A: My most notable leadership experience is my service as the Count of Westmoreland, as Attorney General and as Speaker of the House of Parliament.

Q: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in life?
A: I view both my contribution to the Battle of Penrith of 1467 and my political achievements when it comes to strengthening our legal system as accomplishments. However my greatest accomplishment will be the unbreakable bonds I’ve formed over my lifetime with friends and family while residing within England.

Q: What specific virtues do you hope people know you for and why?
A: Being righteous is something I’ve always strived for. Be it in my political decisions from the numerous positions of power I’ve held or in my current verdicts as Judge of Sussex. I strongly believe in adhering to Justice and basing my choices from a perspective of neutrality rather than bias. It is my hope to have proven over the years that I am fair, regardless of my affiliations or believes.

Q: Tell us what type of person do you see supporting you?
A: It is my wish that those citizens of England that seek to mend the divide that plagues us would vote for me. The lack of unity has weakened not only our defences against outside threats but has also deteriorated relations between counties. I hope to see those who seek positive tangible change in our community vote for me.

Q: Tell us what type of person you are looking for in your privy and royal administration in general?
A: While certain individuals with vast knowledge and experience have long since resided within numerous privy councils I wish to see new faces. People who desire to put themselves to the task of serving England in their fullest capacity. The royal administration is best served by people who seek to better our community rather than just better themselves. Those are the kind of individuals I am looking for.

Q: Who is someone important to you who is alive today and what kind of role do you expect them to take if you were to become monarch?
A: There is two individuals who are incredibly important to me, my sisters Lenae and Kitty. Should I be elected they will take upon themselves the most difficult and arduous task within the administration, the role of sisters to Destrian Blackwell.

Q: Tell us something you do to make yourself feel better when stressed, sad or otherwise upset?
A: A moment of respite in the Drunken Mallard with merry banter among friends and family. Perhaps a pint of ale or two to celebrate life. Few things are more relaxing.

Q: Comment on international politics?
A: The international politics at this given stage are incredibly complex and a short comment would not do it justice. Suffice it to say that we must strengthen our alliances with foreign nations and aid our Embassy to see their diplomatic missions succeed. In such a fractured and tense international political landscape it is vital we can rely on our friends and are reliable to our friends.

Q: How do you feel about mushrooms?
A: The usage of a certain variety of mushrooms is a longstanding family tradition. My father always said: ‘’Variety is the spice of life and what is hedonism if not variety?’’

Q: What is one specific project that you as monarch intend to personally focus on?
A: I will seek to pursue a Bill of Rights which shall codify all the inherit rights to which citizens of England are entitled to. Only through establishing the rights of people can we hope to be a fair and just society.

Q: What is your least favorite thing in the world? What is your most favorite thing?
A: Taxes, as certain as death but terrible for my mood. My most favourite thing is my bird Dura Dura, ever cheerful and has the chirp of an angel.

Q: Where can people find your platform?
A: - My main headquarters can be found in the London Commons - My county headquarters can be found in Sussex - In Devon - And in Mercia.

Q: What is the best way for the general public to get answers if they have more questions?
A: The easiest way would simply be to write me a letter directly or to find me within the many taverns of Lewes. I aspire to answer any question asked.

Written and Published by Mortyn Editor in Chief for the English KAP.
Resources such as the right to respond and rules of the KAP cane be found
here in the international KAP.


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Loaf of bread 5.97 -0.01
Fruit 12.26 0
Bag of corn 2.56 -0.01
Bottle of milk 8.7 -0
Fish 19.39 0
Piece of meat 15.15 -0.01
Bag of wheat 11.61 -0.02
Bag of flour 11.7 -0.1
Hundredweight of cow 29.62 -2.53
Ton of stone 8.83 0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.46 0
Ball of wool 11.03 0
Hide 16.8 0
Coat N/A N/A
Vegetable 7.65 0.16
Wood bushel 5.27 -0.03
Small ladder 35.72 0
Large ladder 66.21 0
Oar 21.74 0
Hull 43.53 0
Shaft 9.26 0
Boat 93.31 0
Stone 15.83 0.03
Axe 149.6 0
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