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10/04/1469 Monarchy Candidate - Juliannabariman

The KAP endeavored to interview each of the candidates for the English Monarch elections, each of the candidates has replied so far, and their answers will be published in separate articles.

The same questions were asked to all candidates who we had access to. All candidates were approached at the same time. They chose which questions to answer. Interviews will be published in order of when the candidates responded. Answers will be published as written by the candidates provided they do not violate the guidelines of the KAP Charter.

I now bring you an interview with Candidate for the throne, Lady Julianna Bariman Taldus.

Q: Tell us about your family history?
A: Winslow Family actually harks back centuries to the trade merchant Francis Winslow, the bastard son of shopkeeper's daughter and the younger son of a local lord. The noble family secretly gave Francis' mother a monthly stipend on the condition that she never reveal her son's true father to anyone, including Francis. At his maternal grandfather's insistence, half of the stipend was used for Francis' education, while the rest was given to him when he set out to create a life of his own.

When Francis turned 18, his paternal family "anonymously" bought him a naval commission. After serving several years in service to his country, Francis retired and started a simple trade business to give himself an excuse to visit his mistress in Flanders. Since then, most of the Winslows have been in the business of trading goods. There have been monks, alchemists, and other tradesmen, but something in the Winslow blood enjoys the work of merchant traders. Though most are noticeably more loyal to their spouses than their esteemed forebearer.

The House of Winslow was established in 1467, and is connected to the Dorchester family through a marriage generations ago between Donald Winslow and, Marie Wessex. The Winslow family is also connected to the Cribbins, through matrilineal lines. Our closest ally is the Sharpe family.

Q: Is there a previous monarch that you identify with in particular?
A: Not in particular, to be honest.

Q: Do you intend to tour everywhere? Or how else will you decide how to split your time in England?
A: I do plan to tour all the towns of England, but instead of the traditional tavern crawl, I plan to give my subjects a chance to duel me.

Q: What is your approach to conflict and can you give an example of conflict resolution?
A: Proper prioritizing of matters reduces many conflicts, as it lessens the frustration of groups as a whole. Then it’s a matter of determining what is actually desired and what outcome is appropriate in general.

My first term as Countess, I had someone who was rather new to England become very determined to make their mark on everything. His constant opening up new topics to discuss not only overwhelmed our council in general, it also made it hard to discuss the truly pressing issues for our county. Obviously he wanted to contribute, but lacked the experience to understand what was needed to be done first. I provided a priority matrix, and provided a way to get items on our agenda.

Q: What kind of leadership experience do you have?
A: Over thirty terms as Mayor of Penrith, Countess of Westmorland for six terms, and Speaker of the HOP for four terms. Also head of the Winslow family.
I have also served as Keeper of the Privy Seal, and junior representative of Westmorland in the Royal Embassy.

Q: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in life?
A: The creation of Maybaugh Henge in Penrith.

Q: What specific virtues do you hope people know you for and why?
A: Efficiency and ingenuity. I want to bring new energy to England in ways that actually work.

Q: Tell us what type of person do you see supporting you?
A: Those who want stability without extra drama, with a view towards our community as a whole.

Q: Tell us what type of person you are looking for in your privy and royal administration in general?
A: My privy has been set for weeks now and there only a few not so urgent positions that I haven’t confirmed. My picks have been dictated by the challenges presented by each position. I have a combination of experience, newer people, and a person or two who’ve come out of retirement.

Q: Who is someone important to you who is alive today and what kind of role do you expect them to take if you were to become monarch?
A: Andreas Sharpe, my heir.

Q: Tell us something you do to make yourself feel better when stressed, sad or otherwise upset?
A: Creating something artistic.

Q: Comment on international politics?
A: England needs to work harder on their diplomatic ties.

Q: How do you feel about mushrooms?
A: Essential to life and wellbeing. Mushrooms brings the circle of life together and resonate with the harmony of the universe.

Q: What is one specific project that you as monarch intend to personally focus on?
A: The Queen’s Quest - a special quest of several parts, where at the end they earn the title of Queen’s Champion. The participants who are not already knighted will have the opportunity to be knighted then.

Q: What is your least favorite thing in the world? What is your most favorite thing?
A: People who create drama for attention.

Q: Where can people find your platform?
A: Good cheese.

Q:Where can people find your platform
A: London Commons

Q: What is the best way for the general public to get answers if they have more questions?
A: The London Commons campaign office. Sussex - Devon - Mercia - Westmorland

Written and Published by Mortyn Editor in Chief for the English KAP.
Resources such as the right to respond and rules of the KAP cane be found
here in the international KAP.


Product Price Variation
Loaf of bread 5.97 -0.01
Fruit 12.26 0
Bag of corn 2.56 -0.01
Bottle of milk 8.7 -0
Fish 19.39 0
Piece of meat 15.15 -0.01
Bag of wheat 11.61 -0.02
Bag of flour 11.7 -0.1
Hundredweight of cow 29.62 -2.53
Ton of stone 8.83 0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.46 0
Ball of wool 11.03 0
Hide 16.8 0
Coat N/A N/A
Vegetable 7.65 0.16
Wood bushel 5.27 -0.03
Small ladder 35.72 0
Large ladder 66.21 0
Oar 21.74 0
Hull 43.53 0
Shaft 9.26 0
Boat 93.31 0
Stone 15.83 0.03
Axe 149.6 0
Ploughshare N/A N/A
Hoe N/A N/A
Ounce of iron ore 21.45 -0.01
Unhooped bucket 23.77 -0.01
Bucket 33.4 -0.24
Knife 16.7 0.09
Ounce of steel 46.89 0
Unforged axe blade 71.08 0
Axe blade 92.99 0
Blunted axe 116.94 0.08
Hat 48.7 0
Man's shirt 106.74 0
Woman's shirt 114 0
Waistcoat 130.81 0
Pair of trousers 66.92 0
Mantle 260.08 0
Dress 250.78 0
Man's hose 41.42 0
Woman's hose 46.88 0
Pair of shoes 25.72 0
Pair of boots 80.8 0
Belt 34.98 0
Barrel 8.74 0
Pint of beer 0.8 0
Barrel of beer 69.67 0
Bottle of wine N/A N/A
Barrel of wine N/A N/A
Bag of hops 18.75 0
Bag of malt N/A N/A
Sword blade 101.8 0
Unsharpened sword 171.21 0
Sword 152.86 0
Shield 55.02 0
Playing cards 83.71 0
Cloak 171.49 0
Collar 69.25 0
Skirt 126.72 0
Tunic 240.11 0
Overalls 110.92 0
Corset 123.71 0
Rope belt 44.53 0
Headscarf 46.04 0
Helmet 161.17 0
Toque 50.11 0
Headdress 83.57 0
Poulaine 63.46 0
Cod 19.16 0
Conger eel 20.86 0
Sea bream 20.88 0
Herring 19.99 0
Whiting 20.13 0
Skate 23.46 0
Sole 18.58 0
Tuna 24 0
Turbot 21.31 0
Red mullet 17.6 0
Mullet 18.26 0
Scorpionfish N/A N/A
Salmon 17.92 0
Arctic char N/A N/A
Grayling 21.06 0
Pike 17.13 0
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel 25.72 0
Carp 11.19 0
Gudgeon 20.63 0
Trout 16.69 0
Pound of olives 19.84 0
Pound of grapes 13.07 0
Sack of barley 12.78 0
Half-hundred weight of goat carcasses 12.86 0
Bottle of goat's milk 10.72 0
Tapestry 102.71 0
Bottle of olive oil 110.35 0
Jar of agave nectar N/A N/A
Bushel of salt 23.71 0
Bar of clay 4.75 1
Cask of Scotch whisky 106.12 0
Cask of Irish whiskey 93.73 0
Bottle of ewe's milk 14.75 0
Majolica vase N/A N/A
Porcelain plate N/A N/A
Ceramic tile N/A N/A
Parma ham 165.94 0
Bayonne ham 87.49 0
Iberian ham 49.38 0
Black Forest ham 70.25 0
Barrel of cider 78.48 0
Bourgogne wine 120.25 0
Bordeaux wine 55.33 0
Champagne wine 81.25 0
Toscana wine 73.09 0
Barrel of porto wine 120.94 0
Barrel of Tokaji 95.41 0
Rioja wine 122.44 0
Barrel of Retsina 73.75 0
Pot of yoghurt 130.63 0
Cow's milk cheese 72.97 0
Goat's milk cheese 162.49 0
Ewe's milk cheese 66.88 0
Anjou wine 87.15 0
Ewe carcass 13.75 0
Mast 403.2 0
Small sail 284.06 0
Large sail 904.2 0
Tumbler of pulque N/A N/A
Jar of pulque N/A N/A