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02/09/1470 Monarch Election Questions - Arthur the Younger

Continued from Part One

Kingdoms Associated Press - London, England

After talking with The Count, Theatre Agent Extraordinaire, I found myself wandering London Commons and found our next candidate's platform or soapbox as he called it. When I came upon Arthur he said many reforms need to be made. When he had a chance he sat down with me to give me his answers to the monarch candidate questions.

✍️ KAP
"With the lack of stability in the kingdom population-wise, how do you propose to get more people involved? "

Arthur the Younger
"Two ways I think. The first, reform of some of the institutions, particularly the CoA, so that people can be confident that they will get justice, and not watch as some people seem to be able to break the law and get away with it because of their position or friends.

Second, the kingdom needs more fun. The current drinking contests are a good idea but we need more things like that so that people can enjoy their lives here, and not just mechanically eat, tend their crops and leave without interacting with their fellow citizens."

✍️ KAP
"What is your definition of leadership?"

Arthur the Younger
"The ability to persuade people to the right course of action, and, in very small measure, the ability to take the tough decisions when no one else will. I say in small measure because if you assert yourself too much, its not leadership, it’s tyranny."

✍️ KAP
"What do you believe should happen to those close to you when they make an honest mistake?"

Arthur the Younger
"The same as would happen to someone not close to me who makes an honest mistake. A reminder. But do keep in mind that some honest mistakes have consequences. When Queen Julianna broke the law, she was rightfully convicted, but because it was an honest mistake, her fine was only one pound (a tap on the wrist). The bigger problem is what to do with repeated honest mistakes. Sometimes they compound to the point that the person may have to be removed from the position."

✍️ KAP
"Royal treasury - will you be transparent in how much is there and how it is spent?"

Arthur the Younger

✍️ KAP
"What mistakes have you made that have improved who you are now?"

Arthur the Younger
"As a lawyer, I was outraged when the CoA reversed the trial decision in Queen Julianna’s case, and let my emotions get the better of me and made a fuss about it in the HoL, because I believe that we are all equal before the law. I was even more outraged at the tactics some of her associates in securing the acquittal and preventing open discussion of it. What I should have done is more quietly worked to make sure that such a thing did not happen again, and that’s what I will do in future. "

✍️ KAP
"Tell us about a time when your judgment has been tested in crisis."

Arthur the Younger
"See the answer to Question 5."

✍️ KAP
"Are you open to the freedom of speech of anyone in the realm regardless of title or rank?"

Arthur the Younger
"Yes, but freedom of speech does not include the right to make threats. As king, I would have no problem with people criticizing me, but when they resort to tactics that go too far and threaten to break the law, they have passed the limits of free speech."

✍️ KAP
"Many of the hardest decisions in the Kingdom won’t be consensus decisions. What will inform your decision-making?"

Arthur the Younger
"I do not believe that a king needs to make many decisions that do not have consensus. It may happen occasionally, but before making a non-consensus decision, I would have to take a good long look at myself to be sure that what I want to do is right. I do not believe in absolute monarchy, and if I cannot find a consensus, there is a good chance that what I propose to do isn’t right. I will rely a lot on my privy for that. But I will not shrink from making the right decision even if it is unpopular."

✍️ KAP
"Being a monarch requires decisiveness. Share with the readers some examples of your ability and willingness to be decisive."

Arthur the Younger
"I’m a lawyer. Lawyers need to make decisions all the time as to the methods that they choose to present a case or sell an idea. But here’s a confession. I was Destrian’s, Attorney General. I was not a good Attorney General. I was fine and more than fine on giving legal advice and drafting potential laws and documents – although my style is more terse than floral. But I was not good at record keeping and keeping the law library up to date. That kind of work is not my strength, and I didn’t have the time for it. I resigned to make way for someone better suited to that work than I was and probably should have resigned before I did. "

✍️ KAP
"What could cause you to fail as the monarch?"

Arthur the Younger
"A failure to find consensus on the reforms that I want to make. Sometimes, maybe more than sometimes, I will need to listen to others and to compromise when it is necessary. But if I do not leave the kingdom better off than I found it, I will certainly have failed."

The campaign area soon gathered many people and I thanked Arthur for his time before leaving him to answer more questions from others. I had two more campaign headquarters to find.

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Interviewees' opinions are those submitted in response to the questions asked of them and do not reflect the views of KAP or the reporter.


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